Expressive Interviewing
Expressive Interviewing

Expressive Interviewing

We are learning how the Coronavirus outbreak is affecting people. We would like your perspective on how the outbreak has touched different parts of your life.

In this study, you will be interviewed about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings about the COVID outbreak. For this interview, you will be interacting with a computer-based interview tool we have developed. This research project is being conducted by researchers in psychology, computer science, and other disciplines.

Everything you write will be kept completely confidential. In fact, since the interview is conducted by a computer program, you should feel free to be even more honest and direct than you might usually be. Note that this is meant to be a personal interview to learn more about your reactions to the pandemic. Hopefully, by answering these questions, you will learn more about your own reactions to the outbreak.

Your participation may ultimately help us to come up with better interviewing methods that can help people in distress. Please take our project seriously and thank you so much for your help.

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